​Images Hair Studio, Christchurch Road, New Milton, Hampshire.  Another successful refurbishment project. Commercial clients these days are as concerned about timescale in completing contracts on their place of work as much as the cost of the job itself. Our goal is to provide a high standard of work in a very short timescale.

Time is money; each day a business is not operating hits the bottom line.  We work to minimise this factor!With timescale being such an important factor we try wherever humanly possible (and sometimes even if it is not) to get the job done as quickly as possible whilst still maintaining the high standard of work our clients have come to expect from us.

Below you will see a collection of 40 images showing the process of a compete refurbishment of Images Hair Studio in New Milton, starting with gutting it back to a bare shell and then rebuilding, renovating, decorating, re-wiring, re-plumbing and finally finishing off with all the cosmetics resulting in a complete refurbishment project undertaken and completed in just 5 days